Poems published in Otoliths, In Between Hangovers, & Black Poppy Review

Just catching up on some publications after a trip to the Southern California desert: Joshua Tree, Slab City, Salvation Mountain, Mount San Jacinto, the Cabazon Dinosaurs, and the Palm Springs Tonga Hut.

Over the break, three different journals included my work on May 1:

A big group of multi-media material appeared in Otoliths #45, including a textual poem, a video poem, and six stills from the video. “The Earth Remains Flat” is one of the pieces I’ve been working on lately with the theme of “Civilization’s Lost.” I used a section of the text as an overlay in a video poem of the same name, and then pulled stills from the video. Some of the images dig into asemic territory. You can view it all here.

“The Haunting” appeared in Black Poppy Review. You can read it here.

“One for the Road” appeared in In Between Hangovers. You can read it here.

Visual poem in H& journal

A still image from one of my recent video poems appeared on March 30 in the poetry journal H&. This visual poem is titled “Static-1”. You can see it here.

The text on the image reads: “static/crushed bits/another meme ends.” It’s taken from one of a new group of works centering on lost civilizations, and the fragility of cultures, languages, and nations. The source video was created using a long chain of glitch video devices and other old video effects processors. Some of that footage can be viewed on the Bionic Eyes YouTube channel.

“Art of the Deal” in Your One Phone Call

Today, poetry blog Your One Phone Call published my poem “The Art of the Deal.” You can read it here. This is the second of three of my poems the journal will publish this month.

Although the title references Trump’s book, the poem doesn’t really deal with him or his businesses. And this piece was written in the 90s, back when a Trump presidency was just a joke. Nonetheless, the poem describes a phantom Washington, DC, which is kind of prophetic, looking at it now.

Bionic Eyes YouTube channel ready to view

Experimenting with glitch video is one of my current passions. I finally established a YouTube channel called Bionic Eyes to publish some of my video work. A sample video, “Negative Mermaid,” is up now. The images were created using VHS footage run through a BPMC Touch Deluxe circuit bent device. I’ve created several video poems using the Touch Deluxe along with a Kaos Pad Entrancer, which will be released as soon as I add some music to them. The same set up was used to create film stills used as self-portaits posted on this blog. I used a Tachyons+ Optiglitch circuit bent video effects unit to create the cover for my poetry collection, Savage Magic:

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